Nice, St Paul de Vence and the Côte d’Azur 


We really enjoyed our time in Nice and hope to return.The town has a wonderful vibe. It is filled with restaurants, cafés shops, and an old section with narrow winding streets where you can spend hours wandering around.

The beach was a short five minute walk. I started the day off with a run and finished with a swim. The water is an incredible shade of blue and comfortably warm.

Diane and I explored the old section of town, visiting the famous outdoor market. I found a great Indian place for lunch. In the afternoon we hooked up with a local guide who took our group to some of the surrounding towns including St Paul de Vence, longtime home of the artist Marc Chagall and other luminaries.

There are over 300 of these fortified hilltop towns dating to the Roman times in the area. They are fascinating to explore with their cobbled streets and buildings dating back almost 2000 years.

After a lovely dinner at an outdoor café with a drop-dead gorgeous view of this landscape which has inspired generations of painters and artists ,we return to Nice.

The Nice jazz festival was in full swing so we hung out and enjoyed the music and the crowds. Really great night. We didn't want to go to bed but knew the next would start early.

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