Thank a Teacher

Traveling around France I realized just how much I learned from Mrs. Jeannine Queen, who was my French teacher at WI high school in Clarksburg ,West Virginia- a long time ago. If any of my WI classmates read this and know Mrs. Queen, please be sure to pass along my thanks.

I took the normal two years of French in high school and I can't say I was particularly gifted at languages. But I was interested in French culture and signed up for a third year of French independent study with Mrs. Queen. She suggested I focus on French culture and French literature.

What followed was in intensive year of reading and discussion led by an enthusiastic young teacher who introduced me to the plays of Moliere, Existentialist philosophy and the works of Camus and Sartre, and French classics like Stendhal's the Red and the Black.

This was all pretty heady stuff for a 16 year-old. It opened my eyes to a bigger world and new ideas and started me thinking, which is what all good teachers do. Thank you Mrs. Queen!

And a shout out to Gloria Fisher and The memory of Gary Poling.

2 thoughts on “Thank a Teacher”

  1. I loved Mrs. Queen! Great memories of learning a lot in her class. Now I just have to plan a trip to France! Glad you and Diane are having a great time .


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