Photos of Lourdes

Lourdes is one of the most visited sites in France and a destination for catholic pilgrims from across the world. The day we visited it was overcast and drizzly, a big change from the the sunny Côte d'Azure.

We spent two hours visiting the grotto and the churches that have been built to receive the millions of Pilgrims
who visit the site where Sister Bernadette had her visions.

While I respect the faith and devotion that draws people to this place, Lourdes did not inspire me. The town is tired and somewhat run down. The streets are overflowing with gift shops selling souvenirs.

The most poignant moment of my visit came when I was taking a photograph of the main church. I inadvertently captured A young boy posing with his grandparents.

After I had taken the photographed, I noticed he had a number of physical deformities. I assume he and his family were on a pilgrimage in hope of a miraculous healing. My heart went out to him and to all who visit Lourdes in hope of a better life. May they find what they are seeking.

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