The Basque Region

Photos from the Basque Region

Biarritz is a resort town located on the Atlantic coast, close to the Pyrenees mountains. It's a very popular spot for French families to vacation. We arrived at the height of vacation season.

Our hotel in Biarrritz was the nicest hotel of our trip so far. It had a rooftop pool and bar overlooking a dropdead gorgeous coastline. A jazz trio was playing that evening and we sat and drank a bottle of wine and just took in the amazing view.

The next morning we were off early to take a cog railway to the top of La Rhue. The scenery was beautiful and it was a nice change from all the museums and cultural sites. Riders in the Tour de France sometimes climb this mountain during the race. On top we were able to have 1 foot in France and 1 foot in Spain.

We had lunch in the seaside town of Saint Jean de Luz. Louis XIV married his Spanish princess here in the early 1400s. The town is halfway between Madrid and Paris.

There was a huge five-day festival going on in the next town. Thousands of people wearing white with red berets and red red neckerchiefs take over the town each summer and party day and night. Sounds like fun.

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