Omaha Beach and the D-Day Landing

Photos from Omaha Beach

My visit to Omaha Beach and the DDay landing site was one of the most moving experiences of the trip.  Almost 150,000 troops from the US, Great Britain, Canada and France landed on Normandy beaches on June 6, 1944, the largest seaborne invasion force in history.

The Normandy landscape is one of the most beautiful in France. There are rolling hills and small villages with stone walls and hedgerows. Everything is green and lush. But it was a nightmare to retake this ground from the Germans.

The American cemetery is on a bluff overlooking the beaches.  More than 4,400 Allied soldiers died on June 6th and over 209,000 allied troops were killed or wounded during the Battle of Normandy, with about the same number lost from Germany. There is an excellent museum commemorating the D-Day landing and the years of preparation that went into this making D-Day a success.

The father of a man from our group fought in WW II.  He landed here shortly after D-Day and helped liberate France. It was special to remember him and all who still serve. Least we forget the horror of war, here is a clip from Saving Private Ryan.

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