Arrival Day and Lago Como

We made it to Italy safe and sound, a bit tired after the all night flight, but ready to explore. Our first stop was the Lake Como and Italian Lake District. We had a great first day. The highlights were the the Como-Brunate Funicular , Volta Temple and the views of Lake Como. We ended the day with a lovely dinner meeting our new traveling companions.

Photos from the day

Lake Como is an hour from center city Milan. It’s picture perfect. Our hotel faces the Piazza Cavour and the lake, which is framed by mountains all around. Switzerland is just ten minutes away. About 80% of all the fresh water in Italy is in the Lake District.

After some people watching at one of cafes, we took the Funicular train to the village of Brunate, about a mile straight up from the lake shore for some breathtaking views of the region. The church of Sant Andrea is the first of what will be many churches visited. It really was beautiful.

My favorite site of the day was the Volta Temple & Museum, perhaps the only Parthenon in Europe commemorating the achievements of a scientist. Volta lived in the late 1700s and early 1800s and inventor of the first working battery.

The Volta memorial sites at the water’s edge, in a beautiful lake front park which also holds a memorial to the European Resistance to Hitler, erected in the early 1980s, which features quotes from resistance fighters who were executed by the Germans during WWII, including Chaim, a 19 year old boy who wrote: ” In the name of all the Jews of Europe….If the sky were paper and all the seas were ink, it wouldn’t be enough to describe my suffering and the things I see around me… I say goodby to you all. I am crying….”

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