Day 11: A Very Full Day in Rome

colosseum italy
Photo by Chait Goli on

Our first full day in Rome was packed; we were on the go from 8:00 am to 11:OO pm, with a short break for dinner and a brief rest. We began with a walking tour of the old district led by our very knowledgeable guide Susanna, a life long city resident and professor of history at a local university.  Few cities in the world have a history as  complex as Rome, and we time-traveled all day – from the birth of the city about 800 BC, to the Roman Empire, to the post-empire days, to the Middle Ages, the renaissance, the 1800s, WW II and our current era. What fun ! We ended the day with an evening visit to the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. It was a great day.

Highlights of the day included: the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Galleria Sordi,  Marcus Aurelius Column, Circus Maximus, the Colosseum and many squares, Piazza’s, obelisks,  monuments and churches, included St Agnes in Agony.  We passed the current Italian Senate chambers that are located in a former palace built by the Medici family and visited the the Catacomb of Santa Domitilla located outside the walls of the old city.

Photos of Rome

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