New Friends in Maori


We loved the time we spent in Maori on the Amalfi Coast.  So glad we stayed there instead of the much more touristy Positano or Amalfi, which were nearby.  The town has a delightful charm and many Italians go there for vacation.  We also made two new friends.  The first was Giovanna Amimi (facebook is Giaspi Tardom ), one of the owners of the Reginna Palace Hotel. Paul Romano from Clarksburg recommended we seek her out, as she is related to people in Clarksburg.  We met her and she received us with enthusiasm when we shared the connection to Clarksburg and Mrs. Musci of Grandma and Ginga fame. Her hotel is right on the waterfront and it is really nice.  The second person we spent time with was Angelo Criscuoli, an art curator from Maiori.  He had organized a beautiful show called Sogni Senza Confini which we were able to attend.   We hope to return to Maori someday. Loved the Norman Tower Restaurant and the beaches. I also enjoyed visiting the Chiesa Di San Domenico.  Two local men gave me a tour.  Inside the church were photos from WWII of American GI’s being cared for by nuns and doctors during the Italian campaign when the church was turned into a hospital.  The elderly man who gave me a tour took my hand and in halting English said “Please tell them we remember.”

Photos from the Day


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