A Visit to Duke Farms

What a wonderful place to spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon- 1,000 acres of unspoiled beauty in the heart of central New Jersey, including 18 miles of walking trails, 12 miles of bike trails and gardens. We had a great time exploring on our bikes. The orchid green houses were especially beautiful and we loved the the interpretive center, which has a lovely cafe.

Upon her death in 1993, Dorris Duke bequeathed the entire property to charity, with instructions that Duke Farms be a leader in environmental stewardship and inspire visitors to become informed stewards of the land.

We were inspired – by her generosity, the spirit of the place and it’s practical demonstration of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Duke Farms is a place of education, enjoyment and research that enhances the environmental health of the region.

With the exception of the orchids and selected ornamentals, all invasive species have been removed, a solar grid now supplies clean power and the nearby Raritan River is protected from runoff through a series of practical, cost effective storm water mitigation system.

Kudos to Dorris Duke and the trustees for a job well-done. We’ll be back!

Duke Farms Website

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