Karme Choling Meditation Center Barnert, Vermont


During the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m using the extra time at home to catch up on blog posts.  I’m sure all of you are finding equally creative ways to use your time.  Yesterday, my  22 year old daughter said she was actually looking forward to cleaning out the pantry – Ah the simple joys of social distancing and sheltering in place.

Today’s blog post  is about meditation, which is an adventure you can have without leaving  the comfort of your own living room. I’ve had a daily meditation practice for over a decade.  My wife Diane also has a longstanding practice. In recent years, I’ve made time for a week or two of  silent retreat each year.  It’s a wonderful gift to yourself and it really does help you cope with the stress of daily life.

My most recent retreat was in January, when I traveled to Vermont for a week long silent/solitary retreat.   Karme Choling is a place that seduces – 800 pristine acres in Vermont’s Northern Kingdom.    In winter, there is snow, ice and silence. It was the perfect venue to celebrate the arrive of  a New Year – in a remote cabin heated by a wood stove, without electricity or running water.  I spent most of the day in meditation, with a long walk in the afternoon.

There are lots of great resources online to learn mediation.  If desired, I’m happy to send you a list of some that I have found particularly helpful.  Wishing you the very best in these uncertain times.  Stay safe.



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